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First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye
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Character Details

Full name: First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.
Aliases: Elizabeth, Hawkeye, The Hawk’s Eye.
Canon from: Full Metal Alchemist.
Canon type: Manga.
Age: Her age isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere that I’m aware of, but sources give a range of about 25 to 28 years old.
Gender: Female.
Link to picture of character: http://flogvip.net/fotos/a/n/i/animesjep/f/20090911184327465.jpg
Point in time when character has been taken from canon: Chapter 101, after her throat was slit and then healed by May.

Character history: Riza Hawkeye grew up more or less on her own. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father was an alchemist who preferred immersing himself in his studies than paying attention to his daughter. So because of this lack of parental figures in her life, she grew up to be a very independent young woman. She was hardly neglected, though, having the opportunity to receive an excellent, well-rounded education. But she had no friends from the school she attended, preferring to spend time alone.

Interestingly enough, it was through her father that she first met Roy Mustang, a young man wishing to train to be an alchemist. Riza’s father took Roy on as a student, and began teaching him everything he knew about alchemy. Roy spent a great deal of time at the Hawkeye manor, and this presumably gave Roy and Riza copious amounts of time to interact with each other. But as the time passed, and Roy became skilled with alchemy, Riza’s father began harboring suspicions that Roy was not someone who could be trusted. The young man expressed wishes to join the state military, becoming a state alchemist and a “dog of the military”, though I’m sure that wasn’t the term he used. Roy was attracted by the benefits offered by the military, and the opportunities to make something of himself, but Riza’s father was not convinced.

But he did not have long to express his disapproval to Roy, as he was growing old and rapidly coming up on his death. One day, when he was alone with Riza, he told her that he was going to impart all of his secrets regarding alchemy to her, and in a move that may or may not have been done with her permission, permanently inscribed those secrets onto her back in the form of a large tattoo. He warned her that she was not to divulge those secrets in any circumstances, unless there was someone she deemed worthy to receive the information.

Shortly after this, Riza’s father died, leaving her with an empty manor, nowhere to go, and nothing to do. But surprisingly, Roy still stayed with her, even though his teacher was now dead. The two had a conversation in which Roy revealed his plans to become the country’s Fuhrer, in order to see that the people were better protected. That was why he had joined the military in the first place. After listening to Roy explain his aspirations, reasoning, and goals, Riza began to see more to Roy than what she’d first thought. His stirring words convinced her to join his cause, telling him that she shared the same dream he did. Then, she posed a rather odd question to him, asking whether or not she could entrust her back to him. His response, combined with what he had said earlier, led Riza to show him the handiwork of her father, and resulted in Roy learning about using flame alchemy.

After following Roy and joining the military, Riza found that she had been ordered to ship out to the front lines, even though her training had not been completed. Even though her experience levels were nothing compared to those around her, Riza soon found that killing came easily to her, a fact that she was not certain she liked. When the war finally ended, Riza came to Roy with some questions she felt demanded answers. She asked him why the military was going to such lengths to kill people instead of protecting them, and how it was that alchemy, as wonderful a skill as it was, was being used for destruction instead of creation.

In no uncertain terms, Riza told Roy that she blamed herself for the carnage, because she trusted him and revealed her father’s secret to him. Because of this, she asked Roy if he would use his alchemy to destroy the tattoo her father put onto her back, because she would never be able to forgive herself if someone else learned flame alchemy as well. At first, Roy refused, but seeing that Riza would not be swayed, he reluctantly did what she asked, destroying the tattoo so that it could no longer be read.

And then, with the war over, Roy was recognized for his service in the fight, and was promoted to the rank of colonel. One of his first acts in his new station was to make Riza his first lieutenant and personal guardian. He told her that even though his goal of becoming Fuhrer still is the same, she had a new responsibility to carry out. In the event that he forgot himself and what he was working for, she was to shoot him down, no questions asked. And like she told him when she agreed to follow him into the military, Roy told her that now he was entrusting his back to her. Of course, Riza accepted his terms unconditionally, and became his faithful partner, following him through all sorts of misadventures, doing what she can to keep him from getting into too much trouble.

Along the way, the Colonel and the Lieutenant worked together, handling whatever problems life threw at them, still keeping their eyes on the ultimate goal: helping Roy become the country’s new Fuhrer. Successes and losses marked the path the two walked on, including the tragic murder of Roy’s best friend Maes Hughes. But this incident, as devastating as it was, solidified in Roy’s mind that he needed to complete his goal. And with the help of Riza, Roy remembered that even though Hughes was gone, there were still others who were willing to work with him and help him reach the top.

Somewhere along the long and winding road that Roy and Riza were walking on, it seemed as though perhaps one or both of them were falling in love. An encounter with the homunculus Lust revealed this in a rather telling fashion. Riza somehow found herself face-to-face with Lust, who cruelly told the blond woman that Roy was dead, having been killed by her own hand. Even though this was a lie, Riza believed it to be true, and launched into a grief-stricken rage, firing her gun at the immortal Lust until the bullets in her gun ran out. With her gun emptied, Riza collapsed to her knees, crying over the supposed death of her commanding officer. Without him, there was nothing left to live for, which was why Riza gave up so easily. But as Lust moved in to kill the defenseless lieutenant, Roy suddenly appeared and intervened, saving Riza’s life.

Afterwards, Roy and Riza have a talk, in which Roy scolded her harshly for giving up, and ordering her that she has to continue to live, no matter what the circumstances. His words help Riza recover her resolve, and the two of them continue their progress towards meeting their goals.

That is, until the two of them cross paths with the man who is currently the Fuhrer: King Bradley. After a succession of interactions with Roy and his subordinates, Bradley realized exactly what it was Roy was doing, and took steps to make sure that he did not succeed in reaching his goals. Using his power as the Fuhrer, Bradley ordered that Roy’s friends and subordinates be separated, sending them to different locations far across Amestris. But when it came to Riza, he kept her with him, forcing her to become his aide.

Bradley made Riza his aide because of his knowledge that Roy would be unable to act against him, because of the risk of putting his lieutenant in danger. This proves to be correct, although Riza was resourceful enough to use the situation to hers and Roy’s advantage. Because of her close position to Bradley, Riza was able to meet the first homunculus Pride, who had been living in disguise as Bradley’s son Selim. This meeting solidified in Riza’s mind the extent of the danger that she, Roy, and nearly everyone in Amestris were in, and so one day, she seized her chance and made a coded phone call to Roy, telling him what she’d learned.

Knowing now that things have reached a point from which there is no going back, Riza left the military and the Fuhrer and defected so that she could be with Roy and help him plan his attack on Central and Bradley. But the relationship between Roy and Riza is tested thanks to a run-in with another Homunculus named Envy. After a bit of a face-off between Roy and the Homunculus, Roy eventually realized that Envy is the same Homunculus who killed his friend Hughes, and suddenly becomes overtaken by the need for revenge.

He ordered Riza to stay behind, and pursued Envy who has run away. Knowing that there is nothing Roy could say to make her stay behind, Riza followed him and the Homunculus, and the three ended up underground. Realizing that Roy and Riza are rather devoted to each other’s safety, Envy came up with an idea to confuse the two of them, shape-shifting his appearance so that he looks like Roy. The disguised Envy then addressed Riza by her title of Lieutenant, only for Riza to point her gun at him, telling him that Roy calls her by her first name when they are alone, and not by her title. Envy believed Riza’s lie, thus giving himself away as an impostor; Riza then opened fire on the Homunculus after revealing that she was lying to get him to reveal his true identity.

But as skilled as Riza is with a gun, her efforts are not enough to bring the Homunculus down, and so Roy is forced to intervene, using his alchemy repeatedly, killing the Homunculus and making him regenerate. Roy knew that by continuing to kill Envy with his alchemy, he would eventually die. But in a strange and unexpected move, Riza suddenly intervened before Roy could kill Envy once and for all, knowing that because of his unchecked need for revenge, if he committed the final action, there would be a chance that Roy would lose himself completely. But Roy stubbornly refused to let Riza finish Envy off, forcing the lieutenant to aim her gun at Roy.

Knowing what she was doing, Roy told her to just go ahead and shoot him, because nothing she could do otherwise would make him stop. Riza continued pointing her gun at Roy, but did not actually shoot him, caught between keeping him from losing himself and losing the one person she cared for. Roy asked her one other question, asking her what she would do if he were dead. She responded that she would die as well, because her only goal in life is to follow him. Her words are enough to snap Roy out of his revenge-fueled state, and he and Riza both drop to their knees, overwhelmed by the gravity of that moment. Roy apologized to Riza for nearly losing himself, and things between them returned to normal.

But Envy was disgusted by this display of what he called “human emotions”, and railed against Roy and Riza, revealing his true envy of human beings and the things they get to experience. The extent of his disgust was so great that he ended what remained of his life before anyone could stop him. Roy and Riza, as well as the others who were with them at this point (Edward Elric and Scar the Ishbalan, among others) continued on, leaving the dead Envy behind. They eventually got to a point where they were greeted by a man who claimed to be the creator of King Bradley and several others. The man sent his alchemic creations to attack Roy, Riza, and the others, and a fight that lasted quite awhile broke out. Ultimately, the group was outnumbered and eventually captured, with the man calling himself Bradley’s creator dictating to them what was going to happen. The man ordered Roy to perform a human transmutation so that the gate leading to the Truth would open. He told Roy that it didn’t matter who he transmuted, just as long as it was someone close to him. Roy refused, saying that he knew that human transmutation did not work, and that he would be a fool to try it anyway, with the knowledge that it would fail. When Roy continued to refuse, the old creator signaled to one of the failed copies of Bradley to slit Riza’s throat.

Again, the man ordered Roy to perform the transmutation, but even though he briefly considered it, one sharp glance from Riza, in spite of her injuries, was all it took to convince him that he would not perform a human transmutation.

The only problem now was finding someone who could save Riza’s life. Fortunately for her, salvation came in the form of a small girl from Xing named May. She took care of Riza’s wound, sealing off the blood flow, which would keep her from bleeding to death. It was a rough job, and would need care later, but it was enough to keep her alive. This is the point that she will be coming from.

Character personality: First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is everything that a ranking officer of the Amestrian military should be. She is cool and always collected, regardless of whether she is confronting a hardened enemy or the stubborn Colonel Mustang.

Lieutenant Hawkeye supports Mustang’s goals and actions, and is his closest ally and bodyguard. When it comes to her duties to Mustang, the military, and the country Amestris, she takes her role very seriously, and doesn’t bother to waste time on trivial things. She is all business, all the time, and she is quite capable of separating work from her personal life. Rarely do we see her as being anything other than what she is when at work, a first lieutenant.

However, Riza does contain a soft spot that is contrary to her officer persona. She has affection for her dog, Black Hayate, and in some respects, she does care for the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. When she is around Hayate and the Elrics, Riza acts like a mixture between a mother and an older sister. But the person whom she cares for most is none other than Colonel Roy Mustang. She is unrelentingly loyal to him, and would do anything for him, even if it meant her death.

In summary, Riza Hawkeye keeps her work life and her personal one completely separate. She is driven by her duties and her loyalties, and anyone who gets in between those is at the risk of being confronted with her occasionally scathing annoyance and her accurate sniper’s aim. But to those whom she cares for, she isn’t afraid to show a kind-hearted warmth negating her stern expression and sharp tongue.

As to how she would react to incarceration, she would react with disbelief at first, but being the resilient person that she is, I think would eventually come to terms with it, although in a reluctant manner. Interferences from the Warden, depending on what they involve, would either just roll off her or anger her greatly. If friends of hers were put in danger, then it’s most likely that she would get angry. And if there was nothing she could do to prevent it (which I suspect there is, given this setting), guilt and depression are among some of the things she might experience.

Physical description: Riza is a very pretty woman, but most of the time, her appearance goes unnoticed out of personal choice. She prefers modest clothing, does not wear makeup, and is very rarely seen with jewelry (usually only earrings). She keeps her long blond hair pulled away from her face with a simple hair clip, and is usually seen with a serious expression or a frown. Smiles are rare with Riza, as she is a serious person by nature. She has a rather large burn scar on her back and the remnants of a tattoo; also, if anyone happened to look at her neck, they would find a fresh-looking scar there.

Magical powers or special skills: Riza’s main skills lie in the area of weaponry; she is an excellent sniper, but she is also very capable of firing at close range. Her accuracy is unrivaled within the military, and her reflexes are so well-honed that missing a target is an unheard of thing when it comes to Riza.

Any crimes committed in canon: Defecting from the military in order to help Roy Mustang stage his attack against Central and the Fuhrer.
Crime incarcerated into Glaxcin for: Defecting from the military.